Sunday, December 25, 2011

Drawing Out of a Rut... (or trying to!)


Today i just HAD to draw something... (sometimes my only way to relax on a day off is to draw or doodle)...

i tried some roughs of some faces... but it just feels like the same old stuff i always do.

so drifted towards some fashion roughs too.. still the same.

i wanted to look different then i usually do.  Cleaner.   Less 'illustrative' and more 'design-y'... whatever that means..  I love a famous fashion illustrator from the 50s named Rene Gruau. He has a clean classic look, and really has impressive illustration chops.

But on the other hand, i another part of my personality loves  modern 'grungy' alternative fashion illustrators like Julie Verhoeven. You may or may not dig her stuff, but i'm inspired by all sorts of non-pretty stuff, though my fashion stuff doesn't seem to show that much.

I'll never look like ether of these two, and i don't want too -just looking for some a creative jump start!

... but FIRST, i need some paper to draw on.  . . .found a batch of t old maxx posters in my closet during the move - almost throw out.

now i'm glad i didn't - they backs of these posters will make a nice shiny surface to doodle on,

partly i hope the slick texture will make me think different and maybe use different tools..

secondly because drawing on the back of something, even a poster... takes the pressure off.

i can just toss these afterwords if i don't like em...

but this is already starting to look to pretty and slick,

i wanted it  a LOT messier.. here's a big old brush i found somewhere.. might do the trick..

her hair's getting a little big, huh? yikes - almost 'bride of frankenstein-ish'.  well, i said i didn't want it to be too prefect, didn't i ?  * sigh *

here's a good example what coated surfaces can do, you can rub or scratch out paint textures with rags or  razors easily... i did this on some of the Raven illustrations for the Edger Allen Poe book, with mixed success.

But i need to shake myself up, get out of this damned rut.

Okay, CRAP - - still looks pretty much... just like ME still, eh?

Damn. okay, let's try again...

The other one took too long, i think going faster may pop something out... or maybe not,

but let's try this on in about 1 minutes, just to see what blurts out.

remember the point is *against* trying to be too finished, more like a impression or gesture drawing, only in color.

her jacket or sweater is starting to be the only interesting thing about her, huh?

the spiky hair sorta gives her the Punk-ish or gothy look -

again, didn't intend  it, just seeing where the brush leads us.. this is the old splatter bit every one knows.

Now... just think about this photo above... both hands busy, so how did i take this? (yeah, i have a self timer, but i forgot to USE it).  so,like an idiot the only way that occurred to me was lay the camera on my desk and push the camera button with my nose. pretty pathetic eh?

the only thing that's worse is.. i am telling everybody. yeah, that's worse.

so, where were we? okay, i give UP on sucker!  time to move on.

these still don't really seem as radical as i was hoping they'd be.. time for another poster.. (they made some of that julie's eye page too)...

i'm pretty surprised these colored pen-brushes don't bleed through the paper. i'm not even going to pencil this one, ( so lower your expectations) ..

i was late on the other and it took 30 seconds longer than one minute,

so let's try to see if i can whip this one out in 30 second flat - just to see if anything an adrenaline boots pumps SOMETHING different out this time!

okay, this one's done, 20 seconds is too fast. i did the face but forgot to take a pic of that, but i'll take one at the bottom do you can see her face.

ONE more... only let's take out time and do better.. say 45 seconds this time..

wow, forgot to pick up the camera this time - sorry.

it just sort of seemed to finish itself. (for better or worse..)

a while back i did a hulk and timed myself to go fast, people seemed impressed, but remember it's not a race. I obviously sacrifice detail when i fly through these... but i wanted to shake off some dust and wake myself up a little.

Grrr - OKAY-  so, maybe it's NOT possible for me to to avoid looking like my usual style, but hey.. it's worth trying. push myself out of whatever comfort zone i may be wallowing in.

now it's time to rest and relax.

have a good rest of your Christmas day.
- sam


cody said...

There all rad but I love the first girl her kneck and hair especially and the colors. I think the girls faces look different there clothes got kind of a cool 80's vibe . Have a good christmas your the man

cody said...
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CALVI! said...

Siempre hermosos dibujos.
Siempre una inspiraciĆ³n tu trabajo.
Un abrazo,

NWilson said...

Happy holidays Sam.

I think we can all relate to wanting to push ourselves outside of our repetitive habits.

Whenever I want to steer myself in another direction, I try (with mixed success) to do something in a completely new medium, or of completely unfamiliar subject matter.

Doesn't always work, but sometimes just the exploration is enough to kindle some fresh inspiration.

I think every artist regardless of their level of experience falls into those valleys. But there are no peaks without valleys.

That being said....I think the last two images are starting to look like a bit of a departure.

I'll be sure to keep checking things out.

jennifer kraska said...

I would so rock those fluffy black boots!
Yeah, you've got the right approach here, pushing yourself through a rut. Hoping I find a breakthrough this week myself.....

Anonymous said...

hold your pencil differently. I find this works to change up the typical style I draw in. Holding it higher up almost denies you the ability to get to tight and stylized in my experience. peace.

JackalFive said...

My first yer out of highschool, I took an Art Fundamentals course, which included figure drawing and figure painting courses. I quickly learned that I was far better at the illustrative and technical side of art (case in point, I'm now a graphic designer) and I always struggled with the live-model stuff.

However, one day, the teacher was telling us we had to make quick sketches, in three different poses, all on one sheet. She had the model demonstrate by making an initial pose, and then showing us how she was going to move from pose 2 and to pose 3. The idea was for us to simply know where the model was going so we could position the sketches on the page accordingly, and the ACTUAL pose was going to last 2 minutes each. However, when the model was demonstrating the poses, I sketched that as she did it.

I literally had about 2 seconds to capture each pose, so it was nothing more than a few lines for a head, body and limbs, but it was by far my favourite thing I created in that class. Something about not thinking about what I was doing made it SO much easier to create. Also, if memory serves me we were trying sumi-e brushes, which made it look even cooler.

Long story short, that day (over 10 years ago now) always reminded me of the simplicity and fluidity of your work, and works like this are a perfect example of that.

Sadly most of my creativity is done on a computer now, but I'm still influenced and greatly humbled by true artists such as yourself. Thank you so much for sharing this.

JackalFive said...

Also, if I could offer ANY advice, it would be this:

Take a live drawing class at a local night school or somewhere. It'll give you somewhere different to create, might even give you a change in perspective.

Kaylie said...

amazing drawings; it's so inspiring and fascinating to see your process! i've been in something of a rut myself lately, and this seems like a fun, quick exercise in trying to jump start that creative thinking -- i think i'll give it a try! thanks for posting. :)

adrian said...

Maybe you should try to draw buildings, I miss those huge windows, reflections of light in glass and metal :(

Sam_Kieth said...

Thanks for all the COOL feedback gang - yeah, i actually never stopped figure drawing classes... and drawing from life, using different media, even using different angles of the pen of brush as i draw (or different hands). But they're all GREAT suggestions and i thank you for 'em!

Sometimes i think it's more a 'mental block' inside my head... rather than just tools technics. Though i'm not a master of using either. : )

I also get tons of inspiration and a fresh perspective from all of YOU guys n' gals- even if your not an artist, whatever you say in the comments wakes me up and throws a new light on what seemed moldy or rutty!

Feeling better, thanks again!

More 'stuff'... coming this week!

- Sam

adrian said...

I just found the official cover for the "Batman: Through the Looking Glass" Can You tell me why does the Mad Hatter look like uh...not Mad Hatter? :P
Is this appearance designed exclusively for this story as Batman goes to wonderland or whatever it is? :)

Sam_Kieth said...

Hey Adrian,

Well, it's a metrical when anybody looks like their supposed to in a sam kieth comic, including poor ol' Bats himself! ; )

Meanwhile.. it's kinda weird talking about the Hater book, because it's something like 5 years old since i even drew the sucker. I haven't even seen any colored pages so i'm as much in the dark on how it turned out as you guys...

Kristen McCabe said...

Wow! I love it when artists like yourself post photos of their process. Also, seeing that you're doing this traditionally puts a huge smile on my face.

Your artwork is fantastic. Count me as your newest fan. :)

Invading Saucer said...

Well god damn, if I didn't want a Maxx poster before...

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