Thursday, December 8, 2011

Four Power Posts: THURSDAY!

I've been sooooooo behind in posting, that i decided to make it up to everyone, so here's a flurry of 4 posts: one Today, Friday Sat and Sunday, to catch us up. You guys have been awesome about waiting for me to whip my new studio into shape so here's my way of rewarding your considerable patience!

Jon Way$hak where my new 'Chickens' page was... and since I'd flaked and hadn't done one, i decided i'd better get my butt into gear and at least START one.  (Never mind finishing issue 4 of 30days and a TON of other stuff - but that's another story..)

This one is kinda interesting, Jon sent me a page he did with a colored background image i could paint panels onto... plus he added that asian woman i painted onto the page too, and a little panel of a cool and creepy guys face with a smile. I'm using with some brown pens to start, (mostly because that's the only color I've unpacked so far.) ...

... now i'll skip UP to the corner of the same page... to add poppette, looking down in her pajamas.

She's basically a child hood version of Dana, who'll appear with the profile dude in this story, to try and explain the plot in a re-cap of chaotic events thus far.  Now back down to profile dude again... my version of Jon's smiling guy.

Keep going back and forth.. they balance each other nicely - innocent and creepy.  Add some pink pens... i may as well dig the other colors out, eh? I'll be using them eventually.

Thinking about the profile while i finish popette.. Not sure if i wanna add tons of detail on the guy, or keep it loose and rough. Hard to know until i get down there again. For now it's safe and pink up here.

We'll see. May as well add some pink moss she's sitting on too.

Okay - their keeping each other in check. Trying to find my own version of this guy... trying to make it mine, for this page anyway.

I love Jon's face, but don't wanna totally copy it.

There's Dana again, watching over us.  And the asian woman too, her presence is felt. stupid how you actually THINK this way when your drawing, huh? Or i do.

Maybe says more about my depraved world-view that it does other artists. Okay, back to spooky guy. sorry about the shadows, my thumb keeps blocking the flash.

I'm trying to rough him up a bit with markers... he seems to stiff and lifeless right now.  Starting to lay down some color markers flesh tones too.

Wasn't going to fill in color on dana, but may as well.. she doesn't have much punch otherwise does she?

Now she jumps out a little more, eh? Still wanna keep her soft, not too detailed, since she's the fluffy childlike plush-toy part of my brain.

Let's try to pull this fellah together once and for all. adding some water to the color pencils should help. Oops - my thumb again!

I'm starting to feel his losing his edge. Washes can add subtly but also dissolve your line work too, nothing worse than having to go back in and re-draw TONS of lost line work, buried under a color wash!

You know what's missing? Black!!! Sure, it looks ugly as sin right here, but i think i can work it in, plus i want it to seem sorta rough and blurred ... rather than all pretty and over-rendered.

Okay, still sorta blah huh? don't worry, i'll go back in with some acrylic highlights and tweak it once last time.

so much for another script. More comic scripts get used as acrylic pallets... always looking for a surface.

Okay.. now some white out pen too... yes, totally crude tool, but it can give a you pure concentrated white that acrylics white can sometimes lack.

This is pretty much it - remember it will be smaller too... the originals always look pretty crudy up close. Maybe got carried away with it... it's just one panel on the page. I could tighten it up around the eyes, but that defeats the point, huh?

Cheese cloth can blur it and add extra texture too.

Now some of the same creepy word balloons like Jon added... those help..

Back up to add some cliffs and foliage ... which again looks dodgy but remember it'll be washed out with water.

Now these are just two panels... i won't put you through the same steps for these ones i added of another shot of the asian woman in the corner... or a balloon headed guy besides her.

One more quickie shot of the profile guy... this one doesn't need so much time on it.  Better?

Okay here's the pencils for the page after it, but that will have to wait for another day. Deadlines on other stuff call.

So that's about IT for now... Now all i need to do is fill in the OTHER panels, and we're finished!

okay - now off to the next post for tomorrow.

- sam