Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Post! Chibi's galore and Dana, continued!

Okay, i'll finish up the Potbelly Way$hack collab. and the Asian woman next week, plus some other surprises too.

Meanwhile, between deadlines i found my mind wandering... so a buncha scraps of paper on my table today... sorts scattered... like my mind is right now.  I felt kinda in a rut with all these paintings.  I sorta wanna do something totally pop-culture stupid.. i am thinking maybe Ink some of these old Chibi sketches on one of the brown sketchbooks?

..or maybe just do a new one. This ones' been lying around for a while..

Take a stab with Dana as an impossible gag-cute Manga Chibi  figure. I don't know why I get into these moods.

Other than a few Miyazaki movies Leigh Dragoon turned me onto, i didn't really grow up on this stuff. Manga or Anima.

Drawing Manga figures is really more of a second language for me, i think you have to absorb tons of this stuff from comics of movies... for it to not seem forced.  Which this does seem to me, but whatever. Just for fun.

I guess it's those two sides of myself, ONE is into 'plush toy cuteness' and the OTHER side, 'big-ass ugly weird monster' stuff.  Oh yeah, the third is obsessed with dysfunctional mother daughter  ... but that's another story.

Since this is so cute i wanna throw up I sorta *have* add something really sick into all this cuteness - so how about Dana's sister, Nola floating about her head - and taking an ax to a second cute little chibi figure?

...don't worry, when it's finished.. wont get too bloody or gross.  It'll actually be sorta affectionate... once it's funneled through my warped little mind, promise!  I can't believe I'm not the only one who's both attracted... yet also annoyed... by the cute over-kill of the whole Chibi cuteness stuff.

but, now that i'm drawing Dana.. maybe i should switch to this old classic Dana doodle...

i did this - what? maybe a month ago?

kinda hard to see with such light pencils. she's in her army jacket, over a mossy tree stump.

bet you did't think i'd ever get back to this sucker, did you?

Yeah. me either.  My studio is littered with TONS of un-finished crap.  Like most studios are i bet.

I promise i won't bail on this one... at least i'll finish inking up her body. and the tree stump too.

the weirdest stuff pops into my head when i'm inking - most everything is unpacked, yet i *STILL* can't find my friggin' Ipod!!!! grrr!

yeah, i have old spare one.. but it's so old it only has like 30 gigs of space...

but the new one is STILL missing.  i'll eventually find it though.

too cheap to pop for a new ipod, because THEN i'll probably find the missing one - buried in some unopened box sooo - aggravating.

sorry, what's all this to do with a Dana drawing?  nothing.  my mind just wanders when i ink pages. ( i did't say it wanders to anything interesting, did i? ) : )

I enjoy inking with different colors, sorta wakes me up.  Now let's add some of the army jacket shapes...

Sadly, these pen-brushes i'm using are are NOT water soluble,

so have to throw in some water colored pencils.. to blend in some color.

well, it looks a little less unfinished now, eh?

getting there...

i know, her orange shirt i just added does looks garish,  but i'll tone it down so it's doesn't pop out so much later.

okay, back to 30days and will post some more next week!