Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chibi DONE, but started another one...

I'm too worked up, gotta dive in and finish this Chibi Dana & Nola sucker. 

But first .... 

here's an idea for a painting -  it threatened to be just another abstract, 

but let's see if i can't try something ELSE ..

this is actually the back of an old watercolor on some bristol board...  i doodled this woman's face, then got uninspired and tossed it.  since the woman's face seems like every OTHER sam kieth 1800s profile, 

i'll cover it with something (hopefully) better.. These paint drips can be a background might help, or just go nowhere.. we'll see.. 

more abstract shapes..

enough already - 

let's try some doodle of a women's faces on a new piece of bristol.  

not sure which of the two face i like better.  checking faces out upside down (or in a mirror) sometimes helps me spot how badly the eyes can float off the face, 

probably just go with the one i hate the least.. 

in this case, the lower left. 

i wanna work the teal brush  color into some sort of dress she's wearing. Going for a THICK black contour line around her figure, but these grease pencil isn't bold enough. 

that's better.  wow. well, i did say... *thick* didn't i? 

think i can make it work though.. see what i mean? about the feathery teal color looking like a 'dress' she could be wearing? 

now let's try this.. hand rip the outer edge, 

then cut the rest out. 

Now here's a question i'll throw out to you guys... i'll paste the woman on the right over the page on the left.  

So here's the two options... which looks better? Top? or Bottom? 

I know, it's subjective, and sorta depends how 'subtle' ...'busy' or 'interesting' you want your background image. 

i'll think about it myself too, then paste it in later this week. 



Let's finish off THIS bit of madness. ...

...so at least you won't have to keep staring at this sucker in so many posts! 

sorry,  i just CAN'T add a buncha blood to the second chibi girl's head -

don't worry, i'll come up with something else cool though... rather than brains...

i get enough gory brains shots doing on 30days - wait, those are vampires. not zombies.

sorry. i'm an idiot -  always mix vampires and zombies up.

I finally popped for a new ipod. ( yay!)  Music fuels art, so i CAN'T go without music..

Here's a trick i use.. letting your brush get dry then blotching the brush hairs... It makes a slightly dry 'diffused' look.  i use it a lot to balance out my slick think line.

You can also use it with colored ink too.. see how the blue blur in her jeans has more motion now?

Oops, forgot this pic of what's in the 2nd Chibi's head - TA DA- plushy stuffed animals! No, nola didn't lose her jean color, my photos just got out of order..

Now here's the colored version.

I know, the splatter fluid on the ax's *supposed* to be pink bubble gum splatting.  but it's printed a little dark..

so maybe it looks sorta bloody after all. * sigh *

But, hey.. the cute little plush toys spilling out of her head..

..kinda cute right?