Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mystery cover.. and MCP 90.

Okay, it's not a friday post, but i had to throw this one up just for fun. I haven't a CLUE what this is a cover too...

it's not a Marvel Comics Presents cover, but i remember it was published by marvel DID publish it at some point during that time period. The girls face is a little awkward, but most of my women's faces tend towards that pinched look.

Here's the rough sketch for it too... weirdly i eve kept that. So can anyone know WHAT comic it's  the cover too???????


This one you may remember.. notice how the white out shows up in this first down shot?


...yet another ubber-detailed MPC cover.

The classic 'vines' one...M.C.P. 90.

For some reason, a ton of  collectors inquire about buying this one.

it's weird because the vines are the most impressive part, not wolvie or the girl. But if i drew Vines without a super hero.. it's suddenly not collectable.

I understand why, be cause i was a fan too.  Still am. But it's also so puzzling once you grow up, isn't it? Our obsession with popular super hero characters being the most prized.

  I guess it's whatever you grew up reading... when you look back, it suddenly seems special, eh?  This and issue and MCP 86 are probably my two favorites.  dunno why. It's not the detail.

I guess this one is because it seems like such an non-obvious super hero cover. peaceful almost. Can't believe i got away with it.

Okay, this is getting stupid, only so many angels i can photograph it from, eh?  Enough nostalgia crap already... back to my usual weird ass paintings for the next post!

- sam