Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Redoubling my efforts.

hey gang, creative blocks giving me trouble with that longer post,

so here's a couple of daily ones to make up for it.

Above is a logo i was trying out some years ago, just for fun.

Next is a 'Mom' from Mars... ( Attacks )...

And another one of my ' sam kieth' style Tree from the Hollows....

okay - whew ..... thanks for not giving up on me.

: )

- Sam


Georgia Dunn said...

Lovely! That tree is beautiful :) Thank you for sharing with us!

the danman can said...

Post however much and whenever you want, Sam. Picked up Maxx: M #13 today, along with the Artist's Edition cover today. My shop is still trying to get the Hero comic with your cover, as that's the only reason I want to pick it up. What's this I hear about Maxx issues 36-40...??

cody said...

can never get enough of your trees.

jennifer kraska said...

I'm with Cody..,,,love the trees!

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