Friday, November 14, 2014

Octo Mom?

Here's a left over panel from an canceled project... may find a home in some other story,

. .  provided i write a panel for an octopus.

And here's another panel of Mom, from the Nola book.

So, Octopus and Mom.

I know, nothing to do with each other, but maybe you can make your own story out of it.

I'll post a process post this weekend, as thanks for you all enduring all this little ones.

- Sam

Also, Hero Comics 2014 is NOW out, featuring a short story with Julie the purple guy:


the danman can said...

That octopus is killer (actually, possibly, judging by the look of it). And I love the orangey-red of mom's hat and dress. An Octo Mom sounds like she'd have an easy time keeping up chores and toddlers.

jennifer kraska said...

Whoa! What's this? I've been out of it for awhile, decided to check in and WOW what a treat!
Thanks for all the awesomeness Sam!
Take care......Jenn

Derek Oberg said...

We like the small ones! It's not an "endurance" at all. Keep it up!

Joe Blow said...

I was just drawing some octopus the other day!

This great work!

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