Thursday, November 6, 2014

What do you think of this?

Here's an idea.

Throwing up 1 panel each day.

Sometimes 2 or 3 panels,

. . but no less that ONE panel, every 24 hours??? what do you think?
( Yeah, i know what tour thinking: Cool idea Sam, long as you actually DO it, eh?  I bet i can though! )

Sometimes new crap, sometimes old.

Like this one....

There's something interesting about a single panel out of context, isn't there?

 Almost kinda tells a story all by itself sometimes. This one's Maxx one from a Heros Charity comic.

. . . or this one from an upcoming Nola comic.

Yeah, I promise to still do the Longer more Detailed Posts every once in a while too.

But this way it'll give everyone a reason to check in, know I haven't croaked of anything... and hopefully me keep in touch more too.

* * *



chain said...

A quick post is better then no post.

Anonymous said...

I'd enjoy it! I like seeing the details of your work. "oh, he must have pressed down slightly more on that part of the line. Cool."

cody said...

Beggars can't be choosers. By the way the just got the first 2 hardcover's of The Maxx, turned out awesome really liked how you put the inked covers in the back.

Also for anyone who is into collecting Sam's Original pages albertmoy put some more of Sam's art for sale a couple days ago including a killer Maxx cover

Joe Blow said...

I would love to see a full process of one of your paintings. I'm really interested in seeing what brands of paint and ink you use and just how you go about tackling a painting from start to finish in detail. Don't know if that's giving too much away though.

I'm trying to get more into painting and I find you and simon bisley very inspirational.

Thanks! glad to see you'll be posting more often.

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