Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A few more . . .

Oops, skipped a day. 

sorry 'bout that. 

Here's a few more to make up for it . . . 

above's an old ad from the first Sketchbook. 

Here's a baby girl . . . and baby martian.

Panel from an aborted project that was never published. 

Happy ending from Mars Attacks. 

                                                       and . . Harley . . . obviously. 


jennifer kraska said...

Thanks for all the posts Sam. Hope they're keeping the doldrums away. I know I'm enjoying them! Jenn

milo said...

Tell us more about that aborted project. Looks like an awesome "Frankenstein"

Liam Gray said...

Sam, I've been trying to get in contact with for years. I don't know if my voice has just gotten lost in the static of the internet or you're worried that I am some loco internet anomaly intent on wearing your skin.

Either way, I wanted you to know that I just finished reading HERO COMICS 2014 and I'd like to know if you intend at all on continuing the story of THE MAXX as I felt it was sort of left open.

I know that people ask for new stories and its mostly done, I own the comics, I own the trades but I'd like to see more.

I'd like to be able to follow a monthly series about these characters. Although honestly, I even enjoyed the stuff you wrote in the end about the sub-characters.

So much so that there is a lot of "you" and your character work in my own writing.

Please keep up the great work. We both know Maxx isn't just a homeless bum in a lampshade or a purple clad Barbarian from the outback... he's also one of the most tragically human characters in all of comic book history.

Australia. ;)

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