Monday, November 17, 2014

Maxx color proof

Here's page 1 from Maxx 15.

Sorta of like a 'panel'.  Splash page, really. Thought I'd post this today for a couple of reasons: one is it's been wonderfully colored by the phenomenal Ronda Pattison.  Course Steve Oliff's colors were amazing too.

Check out Julie's original dialogue written along the top.   Somehow her line changed from what's written ... into ..  'how could you?' instead.  I had to think back as to why I originally wrote that, then why at the last minute i did change it.

I seem to remember thinking the first line was too bitchy or sarcastic, even given Julie's 'hedonistic' (tongue in cheek) post-Maxx break-up romp.  'How could you?' is also more emotional, more vulnerable.  Maxx replying "your one to talk" seems a little snarky a think to reply, even for Maxx.

Course none of this matters much either way. But kinda interesting seeing how things morph..i tend to write a lot of notes to myself along  the sides/tops of pages i draw, which some writer/artists tend to do.

I know i promised a longer post.. will get to that this week hopefully.  Meanwhile wanted to throw up something *new* to check out..

- Sam