Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Three Entities standing on some 'shrooms.

Nola has three Spirit Helpers:

 Raven, Bison, and Camera.

They're not 'Spirit Animals', because one's actually an inanimate object.

Why a camera?

Well . . . given all the goofy crap i dream up . .

. . . a spirit camera isn't all *that* weird, it it?

: )

Thanks for checking in. This week: big-ass LONG post coming up.

Fer' sure.


- Sam


Javiera said...

I love the Spirit Animals and the...totem? I guess it works that way since its an object. Anyway I love that you are posting things again. I missed your work!!!

VeganMike said...

Loving that we're getting a little update every day now, and especially loving that we get to see some work (like the Captain America parody) that will almost certainly never be available to us any other way.

Also, looking forward to the long post!