Monday, November 10, 2014

Urp likes toes. . . and Cap America.

A Hollows page my old pal Chris Ryall. This one's raw, so Minus any washes i usually add in photoshop.

What is it with me drawing toes? Maxx clipping Julie's toes.  Urp slurping away. I guess it's okay if an Urp is doing it though, since he's a pet and all.

Below is a this goofy old relic, a cartoony Cap. America doodle for a comic club news letter, obviously before i broke in.  Underground comic influence.  Plus retro 'zip-a-tone', added by hand.

Just throwing up these little ones to stay on everyone's radar. Don't worry - gearing up for a loooonger  post this week, so stay tuned.