Saturday, November 15, 2014

90's Crap.


. . . so this not really a 'panel'.

It's a poster, during the Marvel Presents days, obviously.

His arm anatomy is totally made up and kinda goofy fun . .  in a totally ridiculous way that only 90's super hero comics only could be.

Same kinda applies to the Maxx too, doesn't it?  Crazy stylized.

Curley Phone Cords and such, i mean.

- Sam


Dan Reece said...

This is too cool Sam, I wasn't a comic reader back then but this has more personality than a bunch of stuff I see now....good job buddy

Anonymous said...

so great!

Frankie804 said...

the best wolverine drawing i've ever seen

Dan Trevino said...

Your Marvel Presents issues are some of my favorites from you. I would ride my bike, during junior high with the little change I had, to the nearest comic store and pick them up when I could. Every image you draw is unique and a treat.

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