Thursday, November 13, 2014

Things that Resurface.

Arkham Asylum ,

. . . reflected . . .

. . in a sad woman's eye.

Btw, plans are under way to do a collection of bunch of my Batman stuff in a nice Art Book.

I'm surprised how much unpublished bat-crap stuff i have lying around too.  Sometimes the best stuff gets lost on the cutting room floor ( or in my case, studio floor ). So instead of getting thrown away, gives this unseen crap a chance to float back up to the surface  after all these years.

Don't worry, we'll skip over all the bad panels. ; )

On the other hand, the 'bad' panels (aka: rough, crude, cartoony) . . .  are part of my style too, aren't they?

quirkiness. diversity. weirdness. all that.

thanks to all my fans,

for helping me

accept that.

- Sam


James Best said...

Sam, I love seeing the variation of your work, especially the rough and crude. I'm now really looking forward to this Batman book! Also, can you tell us more about the Magic Trout book. The mystery of the magic Trout is "reeling" me in and I want more!!!

Derek Oberg said...

I love your Bat-Stuff. Kevin Smith does a podcast called "Fat Man on Batman" where he talks to writers/artists/creators about how they found their way to the character and what it means to them. I would LOVE to hear you on that podcast. Doubt it's the kind of thing you'd be into, though. Haha.

cody said...

"bad" is definetley in the eye of the beholder. The stuff I do that I hate people usually like and the stuff I like people usually don't. Wierd how that works. So I say post the "bad" as well. WIll you include scratch stuff in the batman book? I know it's not really a Batman story but he is in it.