Thursday, November 13, 2014

Things that Resurface.

Arkham Asylum ,

. . . reflected . . .

. . in a sad woman's eye.

Btw, plans are under way to do a collection of bunch of my Batman stuff in a nice Art Book.

I'm surprised how much unpublished bat-crap stuff i have lying around too.  Sometimes the best stuff gets lost on the cutting room floor ( or in my case, studio floor ). So instead of getting thrown away, gives this unseen crap a chance to float back up to the surface  after all these years.

Don't worry, we'll skip over all the bad panels. ; )

On the other hand, the 'bad' panels (aka: rough, crude, cartoony) . . .  are part of my style too, aren't they?

quirkiness. diversity. weirdness. all that.

thanks to all my fans,

for helping me

accept that.

- Sam