Monday, April 4, 2016

a Sketch a day - 2

I guess it's a stretch to call this a 'sketch',

maybe more like an ornate doodle?

In 1906 - Mert Fassenbinder ~ aka: 'The Disappearing Man', ( so called, because the only known photograph of his image appears to have mysteriously faded. ) Fassenbinder was  an early collector of Magic Twout, and formed a close friendship of the first three people to have witnesses the Twout, which are:

1888 Lady Soon Limedale,
1893 - Beauteous Linda Gretechell,
1895 - Chief Constable C.B. McLouden


Ty Massei said...

Love it. I call these 'Skietches' in my head.

Daniel Sardella said...

Friendly Mutton chops FTW.

aarond said... here is an artist that works as hard as you sam. I hope this track gives you a pick me up

Unknown said...

love the contrast between the work you fill with yr font and the sparse wideness of yr tree and asian lady stuff