Monday, April 11, 2016

Piles of Artwork..

Here's another Maxx cover. It's one I actually painted many years ago. After we stopped at 35, i just kept drawing covers, some of which only got published as tiny trading cards.

At least now, you can see more of the detail in full cover form, as cards tend to lost a lot of detail.

Here's something i forgot about.. It's both a page from one of the Dana/Nola graphic novels, and Oni did a poster of it too years ago.

The sideways panels are from yet another page from said Dana/Nola project.

Here's a disturbing shot of Nola's dad. Don't worry, he's a good dad. This is just her distorted view of him.

Ever notice i'm kinda fond of drawing character's names in 'logos'? 'Mom' 'Dad'  'Nola' ... 'Julie'  ~ I did Mom & Dad logos too, it an old Maxx issue, where we first meet Sara.

Same art, tighter shot.

Hey, if i don't hurry up and publish some of this stuff, it'll just get hauled away to the dump once i finally kick the bucket.

May as well get some use of before that happens.