Sunday, April 17, 2016

Marbleized Background effect..

Here's a saturated photo of a still unfinished Maxx cover.

Actually - maybe it's already done, but i haven't decided yet.

It uses the same abstract marbleized background i've used before.  It's pretty easy, just pour ink into a pan of water, then dip some bristol board in for a few seconds and slowly pull it out.

Here's the back of the same cover, showing how the ink and water swirl together when you tilt it.

I added a few extra swirls in watercolor pencil, extending the same swirls that the water created randomly.

Here's Chief Constable C.B. McLouden's ground breaking sighting, the first eye witness of the Twout corroborated by three other witnesses, and the first time the mention is made of the Trout retreating by 'flying into the air'.

In the 1960's the Trout image resurfaced in this rare 8-track tape which was a soundtrack to the failed Saturday Morning pilot  entitled the "Bandana Splats"...

.. the Bandana Splats cartoon was a thinly veiled rip off of the popular Banana Splits Cartoon already on Television at the time. Though the Twout is renamed "Fishy", the unmistakable form of the Twout is clear, this time sporting a turtle neck and peace sign to appeal to growing and impressionable counter culture youth market.

- okay, enough of this goofy Twout - nonsense!