Tuesday, April 5, 2016

a Sketch a day - 3

Here's a curious one. Oldest  trick in the book, covering up one eye so you don't have to draw both.

Truth is you can see the other eye under those leaves anyway, flaws and all.

I don't think i necessarily draw women's faces any better now that i used too, but i do think i'm more... comfortable with them, even when they come out flawed.

My drawings,  i mean.

But then, people's faces in real life are full of flaws too.  That's what makes them compelling to try to capture.

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Aaron Desira said...

Dear Sam,
This one looks like a memory linking to a greater set. Hey I am planning to pass your inner bimbo novel to a girl curating at a fancy polish soviet era poster store tomorrow and then ask her on a date.. beats flowers and chocolates wish me luck. So I used to contact you often on your blog and I know how generous you are with fans and its amazing to hear from ones heros and be able to relate to your feelings, its cool to follow a ledgend of art in our time and I dunno why I havent looked at yr blog for so long I love hearing your thoughts as much as seeing your flow of work. Thank you Thank you dude.. so I am starting a food trailer, its small and bright blue I want the look of it to be tiki/40s noir/ art deco and im calling it utah get me two. Im operating in melbourne australia. Im doing all sorts of food, but i want it to be a meeting place ultimately. I am putting a smart light in it and a bubble machine. It will be my own little public sculpture in the end. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on it? Its ok if you dont. its a bit silly to even be telling ypu about it. cheers man.. I cant wait for worlds 2 and uou def should do a sam kieth girls series because they are a topic you have such profound thoughts about

sincerely and with much respect

aaron desira