Thursday, April 7, 2016

a Sketch for a day - 5

Another excerpt from the Twout-a-verse poster..

1906 - As a little girl, Stephanie Aatrole took on of the first photo of the Oculus Spiritus ( 'Eye Creature', in Latin) -

Another example, decades later, was Annie's discovery of an 'eye creature' in the Ojo series.

The connection of Eye Creatures to the Magic Trout remains unclear.  Some believed Eye Creatures have some unknown connection to the Twout,  but others believe Eye Creatures a separate anomaly altogether.

All this goofy-assed minutiae will all come out in some 'Big Book of Trout crap', someday.

For now it can fill in as a 'Sketch', which will, fortunately gets us through another day.