Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Beauteous Linda Gretchell, and a few other things...

Here's a few things...

Second Twout witness, the newspaper dubbed her: "The Beauteous Linda Gretchell".

Guitarist John Fahey's song The Beauteous Linda Gretchell ... is rumored to be a tribute to this woman who became famous for her Twout Visitation in the 1890s.  

Funny how few people use the word 'Beauteous' anymore, do they?

I've got over two dozen versions of this pose lying about the studio,

...two women sitting under a tree, one on her tunny, and the other sitting.  No clue what there is about that particular pose that struck my fancy so much.

Yet another 'sam-woman-with-big-hair.'   In this case... her hair seems to be flowing right off the page, doesn't it?

Here's an early page from the Nola graphic novel. There's a few clumsy figures on this page that got away from me, but overall, i still sorta like it.

I dunno about you guys, but sometimes i'll choose a 'more natural looking, yet weaker' figure in a panel,  instead of a 'technically better drawn, yet staler' figure, because sometimes the 'better' one can lose the feeling of who the character is supposed to be.

Does that make sense?

How artists draw our characters feels so subjective, it can feel like choosing different takes of the same song.  Sorta hit and miss. Gains and losses.

I dunno..... i might be overthinking it.