Friday, April 8, 2016

Buncha ( 6, actually ) different things..

Breaking up the sketches... just some odds and ends... I've posted this 'Pink Twout' one before, but this is a straight ahead shot.

They've all got nothing to do with each other.

This profile shot is a little different than what  usually do.

An old Marvel cover i did many years ago...

There's something unnerving to me about this one, which is weird because.... i drew it.

Another chickens page. Note sure why, but my woman's faces are usually much more distorted than this,

Guess i just lucked out...

Dana, as a little girl.


Anonymous said...

Great post!
Awesome half pink, half not, twout.
He looks really evil.
I love all the detail in pix of your early work.
The eye of the old woman seems to say she's
up to no good, watch out.
My, that's a beautiful woman with the long hair.
My favorite—I love the little Dana girl.
Thanks, Mr. Kieth

cody said...

I really like the guys eye brows. Can't wait for some new chickens revolt.

Wes Bowling said...

Hi Sam, I saw you are going to be at a Boston Comic con in August. Do you do little sketches or blank cover sketches on comics, and if so, bout how much for small/quick ones?

Mr.PP said...

I would really love to know how you make those awesome textures like in the corners of the 'pink twout'... I'm always super impressed by the textures in your artworks.

@tybeaufait said...

I love the "tic TOCK tic TOCK" girl. I know it's different than, but it brought to my mind, the "House of Secrets" 92, first Swamp Thing cover.