Wednesday, April 6, 2016

a Sketch a day - 4

Here's a kind of a abstract and blurred tree. 

Lot of motion in this one.


Connor O'Keefe said...

Hi Sam, I'm a big fan of your art, and an avid The Maxx fan. I just opened a factory sealed box of 1993 Topps The Maxx trading cards, and in one of the packs I found a winner mail-in card to receive an autographed Maxx card. Wasn't really sure what to do so I found your blog. Is there any way this would be honored? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Fernando Valencia said...

This is great. It reminds me of the singing bush in The Three Amigos. All hyperactive & stuff.
Conner, on the card, package, or box there should be a deadline for when the redemption cards had to be mailed in.

Connor O'Keefe said...

Hi Fernando,

Thanks, thought of that. There's no expiry date on it at all though.

Fernando Valencia said...

You're right, the card says redeemable as long as there are some left however, you might want to read this Connor.