Sunday, February 7, 2010

Moss, for Mr. Pardee... and my tiny weenie Corman tribute.

Hard up for something to post so here's something i did for Alex Pardree's cool Treeple characters a while back! (Treeple: man + tree) .. here's his killer trailer for the non existent movie;

hope he doesn't mind my throwing it up here. I actually keep trying to paint moss as well as i did here, but i can't seem to do it again -grrr!


Fell behind in posting so HERE's some new crap. (shhh...Actually it's old stuff disguised as new.)

I came across a movie poster for a old Roger Corman movie called...

In the actual movie this guy is so cheezy looking, he's almost COOL!

That reminded me of an intro to an old Frank Zappa song on his Roxy album, where he talks about this movie Corman and how cheezy it is—with affection of course.

Years later, I remembered the movie when I was directing my own Roger movie. I sorta wished we were doing an old classic monster Corman movie instead of what we did to, so i kept bugging Roger to throw in a quick shot of someone watching a old tv where It Conquered the World would be playing in the back of some scene—just a wink to his old '50's monster flicks.

He agreed, and I naively kidded myself this would give our low-budget movie tremendous cult appeal. But for a buncha reasons, it never made it into the finished movie. But i still liked this weird-looking short little dude! Frank Zappa's right; he does look like an upside down ice cream cone, doesn't he?

Then many YEARS later, I'm drawing Epicurus comic, which isn't my best work, but that's another story . Anyways, i decided to do a little tribute to Mr. Ice cream cone in Epicurus as one of the Greek characters...

...just a cheezy, inside joke for myself, and now, you.

Hell, if I figured since couldn't get him in the Corman movie, we'd at least get him in a critically respected (but otherwise sales wise totally IGNORED) alternative comic... right?

Here's another shot of him. I took some liberties here, kinds creepy huh?

So THERE YOU GO!!! See? nothing goes to waste when you're desperate for ideas. Disney bought up all of Roger's back catalogue—(Don't sue me, Disney!) Actually, ahh.... i made it all up, yeah, this guy has NOTHING to do with the Conquered, honest!

See how desperate i am for posting subjects????

Thanks to Vassilis for kicking my ass into posting again, Tim Kelly for his weird worm headed animal like art, and Bruce Jones for kind words that... make the low points, never quite as low.