Saturday, November 19, 2016

stuff on my art table.

Various crap on that's been lying on my art table for waaaaaay too long.

Above are few quickie Maxx sketches for a few prints left over from Boston...

A Jungle Kitty to go along with the Heffalump.  

Here's something i'll work into a future comic somewhere..

Can never go wrong ..

... with a tree stump.

Before and after.


Now... for no apparent reason...

a Rhino. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

..various Cities and Shapes . . .

Here are two magic city images.. from the Twout-a-verse..
(sometimes spelled with a W, sometimes with an R)

Older progress sketches of the same city..

Right is the first "Bimbo Wall" version that was published in the 'Worlds' book, and a larger version I'm still tweaking.

Here's the bigger version...

Build it up with clay and cut through the bristol board,

Here's the faux  "stained glass" effect added with paper..

This is a lot of trouble to go thru to get a light shinning through "window" effect, which could be done faster digitally, but what the heck.

Here it is with a flashlight shoved behind it.

I don't know why I'm wasting my time with this nonsense.  But obviously i seem to enjoy it.

Oops, i notice i didn't extend the yellow "glass" to the edges, better fix that too. I'm not sure this was really successful, building it up, adding a light,

but - hey... it was a fun experiment to try.

More assorted Nola panels..

Another Nola spread.

You know, i never noticed before, but here's that same spiral shape again, same as the Bimbo Wall has. I always seem to gravitate to certain shapes,

maybe it all goes back to Zero-girl.