Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Vintage "Spidey Art" resurfaces

Here's some pin-up artwork i did a million years ago for the old Sam Raimi Spider man feature on DVD

Forget which version of Spider man it was on, I lost the dvd years ago ... maybe someone out there remembers? 

While drawing it, I asked Sony if I could add Ditko's name on the wall, along side Stan's - and luckily they agreed.  Even though I respect Ditko's reclusive nature, in some humble way i wanted to pay him some respect for all he's done for all us fans over the years,  so much pleasure his work's brought into our lives. 

If memory serves, IDW did the Spider man dvd menus designs, and that explains how editor Chris Ryall came across it by accident while IDW was  preparing to move offices last week.  Thanks Chris, for digging it up. 

I also see it's complete with the goofy "sam kieth style duct tape" around the borders too. Weird the stuff one comes across while moving. 

* * * 

My thanks for everyone's patience, during this last ..  unusually long ... "hiatus".  You guys are awesome for sticking around for as long as you have, seriously!  

- Sam