Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heros "Once upon a time..", alternate colored version

Sounds like the Heros Charity story is out, even though Mike Neil and I still haven't seen a copy yet. Everyone else has, judging my a little feedback Mike dug up, which is cool.  Thanks to Chris Ryall passed along some kinda words after on it too.

Yeah, i'll get to posting some progress stuff on the Landlady story later.  But just for fun, here's a side by side of two versions.

The pages above are the printed version that i did some digital tweaks on the background colors too, (which sometimes can look better, sometimes worse).  I didn't change 1-3 much,  so i'll skip those. But  from page 4 - 9 on.. here it is.

Their both pretty close, but by page 3 you can see some of the differences in the background colors.  I swapped some panels on page 5 to match the script better.

The hand done are definitely lighter . in some placed a little rougher too... esp. the faces and the rougher paper texture, which I kinda like the amateur feeling of it. What do you think?

Hey, I wonder if anybody picked up on on the splash page with the tree being an affectionate nod to the first sandman's stacked lettering in issue one? It's pretty subtle, so ahh.... please don't sue is, eh DC folks, kay? Pretty please?

...and just for the hell of it - here's a puzzling something coming down the pike.