Sunday, May 31, 2015

Maxx Sandwich, and a buncha Fashion Pics in between.

 A few links to a interesting piece on Maxx from a feminist perspective I cam across from Bitch Magazine.

And here's a nicer shorter one from the Cartoon Studies Schulz Blog too.

Now, pic wise, here's something you could call a  "Maxx Sandwich".

Two previously posted shots of one of the newer painted Maxx cover form the top piece of bread...

... and a few NEW fashion doodles stuck in-between, are the "Middle" stuff.

Here's a question. I'd like to do a couple more art books, one would be a collection of "Sam Kieth Women."  The other would be on Trees.

But someone suggested i just put them both subjects.."sam kieth women" and "sam kieth trees" in one single book.

Probably doesn't matter, and maybe their somewhat the same fans of my stuff regardless..

You can tell in this one my pen/brush was running out of ink while finishing on her hair..  what's fun about these Tree/Fashion ones is their so different from the obsessively detailed stuff style I'm most known for.

Wasn't until half way through the Maxx that i had the courage to loosen up a little.

Play with deliberately distorted faces... on the other hand, do i really know how to draw any other kind? : )

And here's the second half of this page with the green woman in the rob, flanked by an cartoonish looking orange girl on ugly blue checkered shorts.

And the bottom half of the sandwich again. Sorry to keep throwing these painted covers up, but unless they've been following the reprints, some people kinda haven't seen them yet.

So thanks for your patience if i throw them up a few more times.The old classic covers have a 20 year head start on these newer ones don't they?

 Gotta reward all your considerable amazing patience between post somehow, don't i?

Take care,
- Sam