Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CARTOON MUSEUM SIGNING: Sat. April 27th. 11am to 2pm. !!!!!

Don't pay the ransom money - I've escaped... and resurfaced... more or less..... unscathed!  Got bogged down, overwhelmed by everything in the pipeline, work wise! So thanks for everyone's patience while I took some time to get my act together.

Remember even if i take some time off, shift to hibernation mode, I will resurface ground-hog like eventually! It was weird digging through all this old art,

...and batches of newer art lying around the studio, awaiting to be delivered to the Museum.... so much stuff lying about in little piles. You'll probably recognize most of these pieces here.

Looks like we've finally nailed down a DATE & TIME  for the Museum signing: Sat. April 27th. 11am to 2pm.  I'll be signing and you can order a copy of the "Sam Kieth: Samplings and Dabblings, a Retrospective from the Comic Art Museum.

Andrew Farago will start a Facebook page to count it down and a Kickstarter page to cover the costs of supplying the Museum with some printed copies, so keep your eye out for those too!

If you live in the bay area.. you may have already seen these pieces here. Most are mostly already framed on on display right now. Wanna thanks Andrew Farago, Scott Dunbier at IDW for kicking off this whole thing, and Shaenon K. Garrity, John Butler and Ryan Graff their exhaustive designing and editing work....

.....in getting the Museum book looking, well... looking like a *real* book and everything!

A show of pervious work may seems odd, since chances are you've seen this published or on the blog already. But I have to remember there's nothing like seeing things in person, is there?

If your *not* in the bay area... no worries. That's what the Worlds are books are for.  I chose to avoid putting in work for hire stuff like Marvel or DC stuff... i wanted it Worlds of Sam" books to be more 'creator owned' focused.

But if you wanna drool over classic older stuff, the Museum books good for that.

I can see this year... will really be my 'big year out' publicly. Outside of this (and San Diego this year), I think.... overall it's best I keep chained to my drawing board. I haven't even gotten to SDCC yet, but you all know what these big shows are like. It's crazy. But the fans make it worth it, they really do. 

More Good News: There's a rumor I may stop by at *one* other spot in another bay area location.  Still up in the air. But, assuming that second place event even happens? Just know, between 

1. Cartoon Art Museum resepction, and 
2. this one other possible mystery appearance, 

these TWO places are your ONLY chance to get something signed from me.... for a looooong time. 

Yeah, I know I haven't hit the east coast, and I promise in the coming years... will *try* to make my way out there.... eventually if I can. 

I think I am just am better built as a machine... and happier.... when avoiding too much traveling.  You fans... are beyond cool and make it all worth while!  Comic cons, crowds in general, not so much. I wish i could just beam myself over to your living room, sign, then beam myself back home again - that would be the best. 

Btw, here's a bunch of moss I added to the box... real moss - I hope it lasts the length or the show before it dies - wish me luck there! But, I can always add new moss to it later...can't i? 

Also, my apologies for the plethora of creep pharmaceutical spam polluting the comments section. Only way around that I see it making you enter a code before posting comments, which is a pain, but might be worth it to keep the spam to a dull roar? what do you think?

So, while I HAVE disappeared for a while, hopefully the 96 page Museum book, the 240 page Art book ( which IDW solicited already so I have to get it out now!) which will be out in July for comic con, hopefully these will make up for everything.

Just remember, anything you see that I do art-wise that you do like, remember YOU guys are the inspiration for my creating it in the first place!  So these books, and future ones...

 are really my trying to give back to you, my fans.... for urging me out of my doldrums (and introverted turtle shell) and into the sunlight, for however briefly i manage pop my head out.

My humble thanks to you all!
- Sam