Thursday, July 14, 2016

...more crap

Didn't realize artists doing prints have come back at comic cons.  Here's one I'm finishing for Boston. 

Just need to ink Julie, then it's pretty much done. Note why why there are isz inside the tree..

... but since when has the Maxx *ever* made sense?


a panel from another upcoming project..

Yet another Maxx cover for the "100 Maxx Covers" collection.

35 from the original series, and 40 new ones...

that's 75 covers so far...

What i like about them is there's zero pressure.  Pure labors of love, these things are.

Some work, some don't, but that's kinda true of anything we draw isn't it?

Here's that same project i mentioned, it's cool because i get to get my Egret fixation out of my system once and for all. Notice I couldn't resist coloring the flesh around his eye.

Here's an experiment.. not sure if it works, but tried to make use of all these gears lying around the studio.

Now, very few people would notice these added parts unless you looked at the original art in person.

Incidentally, people have asked if i'll be doing any sketches at Boston, i'm afraid my hand's just not up to that stuff anymore.

But i will do a small 'maxx head doodle' for fans.  No charge for signatures either.  

Sorry about the doodles.  Just seems the best way for everyone to at least get *something*.  That's where i am at at this time in my life:  

Older.  Slower.  Rarer.