Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Museum Reception Pics..

Saturday was awesome! SPECIAL THANKS to everybody involved in putting the whole show on..

.. on mostly to all of YOU for stopping by!

I managed to grab a few pics before the museum opened early morning,

This was the first time I'd seen all the art framed too.  Everyone was super patient with the line, which I tried to keep moving to make sure everyone got something signed at least.

Here's one of the magic boxes, moss and all.  This, and other Trout matters will be explained in "The Big Book of Trout" coming out from IDW next year. ( ..shameless plug much? )

I wish I'd taken more of the folks in line, but once i sat down it was all a blur and i was too busy signing or sketching.  Couldn't really absorb it all on Saturday. Think I should come back on my own when it's there's less people for a second look?  Not in an ego way. Just to... digest it a little?

You'll recognize this guy. These first sandman sketches, and the cover to Maxx 1 never made it into the Museum book, but nearly everything else in the show did.

This plaque below it pretty much explains it, in case you didn't see it in the Absolute Sandman.

Here's the page where Neil picked out the helmet they liked best. Notice I hadn't yet learned Karen's name yet - on the left. Collectors are always after me to sell these two, probably because they were the first two 'approved sketches' of him. But I'd prefer to keep them.

It's interesting, I wonder if my later mixed media paintings sticks out from the old stuff?

Or does it kinda blend right in with the older art? I suppose anything an artist does shows some 'fingerprint' doesn't it? Be it drawn, built, modified, scrawled, screwed glued or tattooed.

Guess It'll always be unmistakably 'Sam-like' to my fans.

Here's a case containing a few more 'Trout Antiques'... plus the original art to the Museum book cover.

Here's what you see as you round the corner, explaining things a little. Weird to see your name so big on a wall... in person. Unsettling. Sorry this pic didn't catch the whole thing, but you get the idea..

Now if you turn to your left, here's the first thing you see, a wall of art, and that weird old box. Kinda a warning of the weirdness your in for.

Finally, yup, my name again up top. For some reason ... in this pic, it looks almost black here, doesn't it?

Weirdly (in the photo below) you can see my name clearly IS colored green against the same wall.  This was taken just before they opened the doors and everyone came flooding in.

I arrived a couple hours early to do those 25 sketches for people who paid. 

I know, some people got sketches for free, but that why i wanted to do a extra nice job for those who paid for a book in advance. 

You never know in advance with a sketch do you? Hit and miss. It's just whatever ... happens to comes out of the pen/pencil in that moment. 

Here's my buddy Josh Hagler, a painter in his own right who's standing in front of a few more Maxx covers. I should have taken some of these... maybe next time.

So much for the budget virtual tour, and again thanks for coming and all those who donated to the Museum, it's for a good cause!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Reception Answers ... & Some New Art!

Museum Questions? Here's some cool  ***ANSWERS***  Andrew Farago put together... that should address answer almost all of any questions/concerns about the Saturday's Reception/Signing.

Okay, With all this Museum details distracting everyone... I bet some of you who aren't going would love to get back to some ART on this friggin' blog for a change, eh?

I've got several pieces going at once, but this one came together after several weeks of Creative Lull..

This one started out quite the mess... no visual focus... so I tried to stop all the abstract textures at the bottom... and leave some black space up top.

That's what brought me to colored pencils.. some of which really pop against black bristol.

My goal here is to balance out the mixed media chaos at the bottom of the canvas...

..with some firework of energy, curves and explosion of little lines.. be it white, teal, orange. whatever.

It's hard to know what to throw up sometimes, my biggest job is to edit, because like us all a lot an artists draws really can miss the mark. This piece included.  A lot is subjective in why someone hates/loves/indifferent to an abstract.

But the biggest goal is to break paralysis. Any line, art or mistake is at least a choice, an action. Beats the hell out of inaction. Molasses.  Failure fears. Ruts we all get sidelines into.

So.. this should propel me into he signing, then i'll see what else I can throw up after Saturday.

If your there, i'll see you then.

If not, then just kick back, enjoy the Museum Book and Interview in it..

..and we'll catch up sometime in-person, at least once before i croak, promise!
- Sam

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Museum Book EXISTS .. it's PRINTED and Everything!!!!!!!!

 SPREAD THE WORD - the Museum reception's less than TWO WEEKS away!!! 

APRIL 27TH - 11AM - 2PM ( ...or whenever the crowds thin out ) ; )

 Not sure how many folks will come, but even if it's a smaller crowd, (those can be cool too. More intimate) either way, it's 7 bucks to get it, but it's for a good cause (the Museum)  And i'll do a doodle in your Museum book if you want! Or just stop in and say 'hey' if your in the bay area that Saturday. 

Here's a Facebook link Andrew Farago at the museum threw up. 

MUSEUM BOOK IS OUT!!!! kay. Well, it's not 'available' yet... this is edirot-writer Chris Ryall who sent me proof that, hell yeah... IDW did get some copies fresh from the printer!  Even I haven't got a copy in the mail yet...

...but we know it DOES exist....s in some form, cause he's holding the sucker!  ~ Thanks buddy.

Been distracted by getting the other book too... the BIG one... Worlds of Sam: which is nearly ready for the printer too.. It's actually ballooned since i took this picture to 240 pages to closer to 250 ( ... I keep finding cool stuff to add to it too, that's a good problem right?)

Plus here's some budget pictures of the Worlds art book PDF... on my monitor, (which is why camera flashes and monitors don't mix)..

Here's another one from page from the book...... this Cat is neil. I think of him that way after that Charity book story i did. I'll take screen shoots next time so their better quality.

Once the Museum reception thing's over... should get back to a regular rhythm... on all fronts.  Sorry If i've been distracted lately. I know your all 'out there'... thanks for holding the fort while i try to juggle everything.

Also, if your a retailer and are wondering where your Hollows Incentive Covers are???  - I promise i AM making my way through the HUGE  batch of those too- honest! That many blank Hollows covers might intimidate a weaker comic artists... but working my way thru 'em - promise! 

Thanks everyone!  
- Sam