Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cultosaurus Erectus, I before E cover.

Thanks gang! As some of you noticed, the commissions were closed last week - Yikes: once the flood gates busted opened, it all got a bit much. Need to get back to paintings and comics work, but we squeezed as many in as possible before I yelped 'uncle'. Now I just gotta DO the suckers, huh? : )

If i didn't get to you this round, my apologies. But no worries, it will happened again. This wasn't your only shot.

It's been a long week, or was it two? Seems like forever since i posted huh? Here's a IbeforeE cover i came across.

the originals was done on DC's old Graphic Novel sized paper, which is huge. I was gonna put this cover in the art book, but i figure why not throw it up here on the blog instead?

Course i could  have it both.. but only so much room in the art book..  maybe something stronger will bump it out, so well see.

Notice hoe caked the original art is with white out? I can't even remember what i was covering...

probably botched cross hatching.. pretty unsightly ins't it? But like we all say, since i love seeing the flaws  in other artists original art, i know you like to see it too.

as usual, a lot gets lost when printed, but we all figure the detail will.  experience has taught me what WILL get lost in the printed version, and what might survive.  I started to really become aware of this during the Maxx days.

I know what's funny? i don't even remember if this guy originally even HAD a head. That's how long ago this was done.

I nick names this post Cultosaurus Erectus because all this 'classic' sam kieth stuff ...reminds me of all that "dinosaur" progressive rock crap.. ( i know Blue oyster Cult was a little late for that, but that album cover always reminded me of this period in my art for some reason).