Tuesday, October 4, 2011

30days Cover Repair & Asian Woman spread..

I think my posts are getting a little looooong and wordy lately.. so i'll try to jabber a little less and focus on the Art work more.

Also I've gotten rid of the code verification stuff... so it should be even easier to post comments now.

Here's a 30 Days cover I did - wasn't wild about the first skull with the eye poking out, so i decided to repair it by hand..

This seems a little better, eh?

I like how the snow blends in with the white above, but i doubt that will read very well when printed,

...so why not some color, to make the snow pop a little?

There, that'll have to do.

Here's a few panels from 30days, before coloring..

The main girl is a goth girl named Alice Blood. She's the one with the shorter hair.

I sorta notice she looks like a thinner version of Maggie from Love and Rockets. Not intentional. I figured I wouldn't force another chubby girl on Steve Niels since I'm getting to do Dana Chubby in my own stuff.

I know i'll revert to giving her a little tummy at though. Can't help it.

What else is on the table? Here's a few (hand drawn) tweaks on a Jay Fotos Zombie 68 cover...

* sigh * - okaaay - Now to balance out all that little-boy-gross-out-gore' stuff... here's yet another Asian woman in a double page spread..

You'll notice sometimes the photos i take are yellowish and sometimes brighter, that's because i have two bulbs in my desk light, and i switch back and forth when drawing, the brighter one shows more detail, but strains my eyes, so i switch to the lower wattage when my eyes need a break..

This looks much more dramatic in person, because it's on those huge 11 x 14 oversized sketchbooks. It's hard to show that scale in photos, isn't it?

Cody asked when I'll do an art show... meaning too, just get distracted. I wanna though. It be easier to connect with people at a gallery rather than a crowded noisy convention, eh?  And Chris, i was surprised i posed to soon too, trying to get in at least two a week. This month is a little crazy..

Frank - the *last* one is your favorite post now? Crap, now I have performance anxiety. : ) Well, this one will bring us all back to earth, just a few little ones this time.  Good question about how I divvy up time. I'm up at between 4 or 5am, and unless it's a deadline day, try to do paintings or creator owned doodles till about 8am, break for breakfast, then dive back in a 10am doing comic stuff, then after lunch i'm good from about 1-4pm.

Right now I'm finishing an Aliens 48 pager, (scanned this too low rez, but you get the idea).. also trying to stay ontop of the 30days monthly.. even *trying* a monthly is a crazy schedule. They tend to eat artists up and spit them out, so we'll see how long i last.

but everything ELSE...

is done to release pressure and is, i'm sure, pretty much the same reason everyone else does something to pay the bills,

it pay for what they *really* love doing.