Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sandman 20th Anniversary Poster

Some years back I was invited to do join a dozen other Sandman artists to do a poster.  Instead of us all drawing on one giant art board, someone did a rough layout, and we each did separate drawings.

Other than a few convention sketches, it  was the first time in . .  well . . . twenty years, that I had drawn Sandman.

Here's the highest resolution I could find of the finished poster. A lot of my brush work was lost in the water reflection, but it still came out okay.  I was really pleased Neil seemed to like it too.

And lastly, here's the same piece from Bob Chapman's Sandman Gallery edition, along with a sketch I added on the side. This version is probably the most fateful reproduction of the brushwork.

Not that it's amazing brush work or anything, but it's not too shabby ~ given I'm basically a self-taught artists.