Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last of the Four...

Okay, here we go..

Jumping from Dredd back to a few smaller watercolors...

this orange splotch... i've just decided...

will be a tree.

but i'll set aside the watercolor to dry... meanwhile start inking this Dredd commission. It actually went pretty slowly..

i had fun trying something i haven't drawn in ages though.

any guy with a big jaw seems up my alley.

Jumping to another watercolor, these are tiny ones, 3 by 4 paper.

this one came out so fast

i forgot to take photos the process..

back to a little more on the Judge again... I wanna stay loser on the lower body, but keep his head and shoulder and upper body in focus with some detail. 

is shoulder will look a tighter than this. 

by blur... i mean more like... abstract vertical lines. 

meanwhile here's how the tree turned out.. 

always one for something child-like 

or silly. 

perfect balance to those dark angst-ridden super heros, eh? 

here's a taller piece of bristol i did one of my 1900s gibson portraits on

just a breath of fresh air.. 

you know, i used to think i prefer paintings of pastoral subject matter to darker things, but that's not true. I seem to enjoy both sides.. 

so it's obvious i skipped lunch and succumbed to junk to finish Dredd. : ) 

here's another shot of it.. yellower lighting makes him look transparent. 

bigger still. 

And here's it is. Hopefully the guy who bought it won't feel cheated i got a little abstract on the feet. It actually took just as log to paint it this way rather than a fully realistic version. 

You never know how it will turn out when you sit down to paint something, do you? 

So there it is folks. Four in a row. 

Now this time i PROMISE i won't wait two weeks before another post.. 

- Sam