Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday: THREE out of FOUR-DAILY posts.

Okay, other than this Death pic, to kick things off...'s a series of things..

..still being finished... not sure if i should keep this woman's stripped top just black and white, or color it in? what do you think?

The contrast of how the thick fabric folds hang.... might get lost if i color in black and white. I'm so proud of myself for leaving the bottom all raw looking.  Maybe we get enough color just rom what we see in her sleeves?

The point isn't how smoothly i blend the folds is it? I was going for a it's contrast between black and white stripes... and the shift from solid black... to grey at the bottom.

So the question here is... is it time to walk away from this drawing?  Leave enough alone?

This one's not especially impressive yet. Both the face itself is sorta bland so far.

The texture clothed around the edges I used to wipe down my brushes, so i worked it around the edges of this drawing..

here's some options i may try to jazz it up a little.

I put it against a dark matt board, or could even use a black hand painted canvas?

A second issue is wither to start rendering her face... or leave it just have drawn as it is... and maybe blend the cloth on the sides into the face? The idea i had was to soften the abrupt shift from brown face to ragged blotchy cloth?

A third option is to color the cloth itself a solid color, so as to downplay the distracting various colors around her face.

I know there's no right or wrong, just personal whim of us artists. But with each decision, unlike digital (not slamming digital, i use it too)... but WHEN hand painting... each door you open, may close another one behind you. Which is both a drag, but also crazy exciting. No safety nets if you screw up.

So, unsure on this one yet. Maybe it's more interesting *not* to blend the edges? Leave it raw and unblended?

Okay, that one's up in the air. Onto something else... In this one were back to the shiny wax coated poster paper that's on the back of those Maxx posters i have lying around.

I almost threw them out, but they have inspire some nice fashion marker quickies.

I tried to keep this woman's face stark and let her hair and robe grab our attention. I threw in some botched made up Kanji here at this end... and by the other side... i sorta descended to totally random shapes that sometimes suggest inuit Bill Reid inspired Raven carvings, which i am totally in awe off.

Hopefully not in a pretentious way, just for fun.

'Mixing up crap that usually doesn't go together' is sorta my thing. Hobby. Guilty pleasure.  This one was about motion ( her hair) ... and two different visual alphabets, from Kanji to Native American Inuit art.

All doodled on the back of a Maxx comic book poster, which is sorta a third language. Kinda goofy fun.

...which brings us back to this gothic lovely lady.

I never felt drew her as well as Dringberg or Chris Bechalo. She sort of came to life after i left the book.  For this commission i tried to keep it simple... the focus really is her face, hair and shirt.

The guy asked her to surrounded by bubbles so  had her blowing pink bubbles.

didn't have much chance for process pics on Death so i just grabbed a few shots before i mailed it off. Funny how simple these things begin isn't it? Any detail is like house paint and wallpaper,

but all our creations ....start with this humble little drawings on our sketchbooks.